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History and Background of DKP:

Publisher and cartoonist Denis Kitchen founded and ran Kitchen Sink Press (KSP) for thirty years (1969-1993 in Wisconsin and 1993-1999 Massachusetts). KSP was initially one of the pioneer underground comix publishers, producing titles like Bijou Funnies, Mr. Natural, Mom's, Homemade Comics, Gay Comix, Bizarre Sex, Home Grown Funnies, Omaha the Cat Dancer, Corporate Crime and Dope Comix) and artists such as R. Crumb, Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson, Richard Corben, Howard Cruse, Art Spiegelman and Kitchen himself.

KSP evolved into an eclectic house that published a wide range of newspaper comic strip collections by such classic cartoonists as Ernie Bushmiller (Nancy & Sluggo), Al Capp (twenty-seven volumes of Li'l Abner), Milton Caniff (Terry & the Pirates, Male Call and twenty-six volumes of Steve Canyon), Will Elder (Goodman Beaver), Will Eisner (The Spirit), Frank Frazetta (Small Wonders, Pillow Book, Li'l Abner), V. T. Hamlin (Alley Oop) George Herriman (Krazy Kat), Harvey Kurtzman (Hey Look!, Goodman Beaver, Jungle Book and Flash Gordon: 1952), R. F. Outcault (Yellow Kid), Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon and Secret Agent X-9) and Cliff Sterrett (Polly & Her Pals). Kitchen Sink Press also co-published definitive collections of 1930's and 40s Batman and Superman newspaper strips with DC Comics.

KSP published collections, comic books, and graphic novels by leading contemporary artists like Crumb (Kafka, Artistic, Carload O' Comics, Waiting For Food, The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book), Eisner (more than twenty graphic novels and collections), Mark Schultz (the Cadillacs & Dinosaurs saga), Howard Cruse (Wendel, Dancin' Nekkid With the Angels), Jack Jackson (Secret of San Saba, Lost Cause), Dave McKean (Cages), Charles Burns (Curse of the Mole Men, Blood Club, Black Hole), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Zot!), Alan Moore (From Hell), Monte Beauchamp (The Life and Times of R. Crumb and the first 8 Blab!) and many, many others.

KSP also produced an array of inventive comic-related merchandise ranging from 78 RPM Record Albums (R. Crumb), 33 rpm Picture Discs (Omaha and Spirit), Tin Signs (Crumb, Batman, Betty Boop, Superman), Pinback Buttons (100s), Statues (Omaha, Mr. Natural), Postcards (100s) and Trading Cards (dozens) to Boxed Candy Bars (Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Melody, Freak Brothers Munchie Bars, Jeff Smith's Bone Bars, Betty Boop and Crumb's Devil Girl Cho-Bars and Hot Kisses tins) and much more.

For an illustrated capsule history with sidebars by many of the press' most famous authors, see Kitchen Sink Press: The First 25 Years, still available from DKP in softcover and signed hardcover editions.

Following the demise of KSP, Kitchen founded Denis Kitchen Publishing Co., LLC (DKP) in 2000 on a much smaller scale. While he insists that DKP will never grow to the size and scope of KSP, he admits, "I simply can't pull my foot entirely out of the publishing tar baby. Expect just three or four new books or projects a year. But thanks for your past and current support.

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